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LC-102A Channel-type Computerized Vacuum Vulcanizing Shaping Machine (the Ninth Generation)

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Funciton And Specialty

Equipped with CNC operating system and alarm device, it is convenient, safe and easy to operate.
It adopts the advanced German energy-saving system which is more stable and saves more than 60% of the energy compared with traditional vulcanizing machine and heat shaping machine.
The shaping time is about one to three minutes, and the temperature can be adjusted according to different leather materials. Therefore, it is applicable to all kinds of leather shoes like boots, sandals etc.
It adopts the two-cycle wrinkle-removing system with obvious wrinkle-removing effect.
Vertically layered shoe rack can transfer shoes stably on the same straight line and thus shoes will not easily fall out and cause damage.
The space for shoes is large and it's easy to place shoes, compared with the traditional oven, the output can be increased by half.
German nanometer micro-wave two-cycle vulcanizing and setting system is used and several shoe racks can run repeatedly in cycle in short turnover time, thus saving power and usage of the last.
Fast setting speed and high efficiency, one case of shoes can be shaped within 1-3 minutes.

Main Parameter

型号Model 电压Voltage 功率Power 耗电量(100℃)Power Consumption 耗电量(120℃)Power Consumption 产量 Output(Pairs/8hrs) 净重N.W. 包装重量G.W. 机器尺寸
Machine Dimensions
包装尺寸Package Dimensions
LC-102A-10 380V 9kW 6.5kW.h 7.5-8kW.h 1152-1400 1200kg 1400kg 3300×1450× 2380(mm) 3500×1650×2550(mm)
LC-102A-12 380V 11kW 7.5-8kW.h 10kW.h 1640-1920 1500kg 1750kg 3910×1450× 2380(mm) 4100×1650×2550(mm)
LC-102A-14 380V 15kW 11kW.h 13-14kW.h 1920-2304 1800kg 2100kg 4520×1450× 2380(mm) 4700×1650×2550(mm)
LC-102A-16 380V 18kW 13.5kW.h 16.5kW.h 2880-3840 2200kg 2530kg 5130×1450× 2380(mm) 5280×1650×2550(mm)


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