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LC-802A Computer Pneumatic Last Drawer

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Funciton And Specialty

This machine is designed for shoe automation, fast speed, simple operation, saving manpower, 
high production, no professional operation, both men and women can.
The machine is controlled automatically by PLC, and the operation is simple. Only the finished 
shoes can be put into the last setting component. The distance between the last setting module 
and the upper pushing component can be adjusted according to the number of finished shoes. 
Automatic induction action, do not need to press the switch or pedal to start the machine, and the 
automatic induction action can adjust the speed of the staff shoes to adjust the induction time, in 
line with the humanized design.
Pneumatic power operation is adopted. The older type of oil pressure power operation does not 
need motor, which saves power, and does not need to add hydraulic oil, which saves cost. It is 
more environmentally friendly and energy-saving in function, and can be cut off automatically 
and semi-automatic.
Operation speed: This machine is single station pneumatic last pulling operation, compared with 
traditional oil pressure last drawing machine, the capacity can be increased by 1.5 times, and the 
operator can reduce fatigue and improve efficiency. For outdoor shoes, climbing shoes and other 
shoes, this machine can highlight its advantages.
Main Parameter
产量 Output 3000Pairs/8h 净重 N.W 120kg
动力 H.P 气动 Pneumatic 机器尺寸 Dimensions 500×900×1200mm


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